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E. Lillith McDermott writes dark fiction of the fantasy and science fiction varieties. She lives in the sleepy American Midwest where she collects apothecary jars, spellbooks, and the tears of her enemies. A member of the Horror Writers Association, her stories can be found in various publications as listed below. She also contributes nonfiction to GeekMom.com and does editing for other dark-minded writers.




Peruse selected, immediately available, short stories and (periodic) mental musings. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or comments.


October 13, 2016                                                                 Unique Halloween Party--Body Bag Sleepover!                                       Need a new idea for a creepy party? Check out GeekMom.com and I'll explain it all.

June 14, 2015
In Defense of Horror: 5 Reasons to Scare your Kids
Why should kids be introduced to horror from fairly young ages? Check out my article on GeekMom.com and see if you agree with my reasons!

June 15, 2015
Kid Tested, Mother Approved Horror Selections
If you want to try out a little summer horror yourself, here's a (by no means comprehensive) list of possible selections for your little ones!




  • The Scream (Originally published in The Realm Beyond)





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As a writer, I am also a reader and a lover of all things "word." If you are interested in my help with content editing, please contact me to discuss your project and rates. I love being that fresh set of eyes to look at a piece and see the areas that need a little sanding. Note: I do not enjoy/do copy editing. There are other, much more meticulous folks, for that.

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